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three hundred and sixty five days later.

Dearest babe..
You’re currently at work busting your big booty to fund my boba addiction so I decided to hack your tumblr. Here are a few things that I love about you :)

1. Your chocolate chip face. All your “fly shit” looking moles on your face ahah

2. Your dimple on your left upper cheek!

3. Your hard working slave feet LOL

4. Your big golden booty!! <3

5. Your small ass nipples that look like moles HAHAHA

6. How your eyes get like this ^-^ when you laugh

7. How you get upset when I spray you with water :)

8. Laughing at how irritating I am

9. How you bring me boba every time you pick me up from the airport :)

10. Funding my boba addiction LOLOLOL

11. Your pretty hands <3

12. Your passion for martial arts

13. How much you love Beebo

14. How funny you look with hat hair

15. How you don’t know how to parallel park

16. Putting up with my mood swings

17. Working out with me

18. Treating me out and not letting me pay for you! -_-

19. Wrestling with you >:D 

20. How much of a douche bag you truly are, just like me HAHA

21. Babying me like how I baby your punkass

22. Truly making me feel like your slave wife

23. Making me breakfast in the morning :)

24. Always coming with me to get water when I’m thirsty

25. Always holding my hand

26. Always making sure I’m not walking near the street

27. Giving me painful deep tissue massages when I need them

28. Getting me to talk about shit when I’m stressed out so I feel better

29. Willing to be fat and eat tubs of ice cream with me

30. Always cuddling me (not really because I always hug your punkass)

31. Letting me use MY pillow (since it’s mine anyways)

32. Sharing your pjs with me hehe

33. Being stupid LOL because youre funny :)

34. Always including me in everything that you do.

35. When you do the dishes for once! Since I always do them -_-

36. Helping me fold laundry (the once in a blue moon time you actually do) LOL

37. Playing with my hair (when you’re not trying to yank all my hair out and make me go bald)

38. Eating veggies for me so you can be healthy :)

39. When you speak Korean <3 HAHAHA so cute omg.

40. When you send me morning txts :)

41. When you leave me voicemails when I ktfo and don’t pick up.

42. Skyping me every night <3

43. Sleeping with me so we can cuddles all night loooooong!

44. When you look at me and randomly do the :O face 

45. When you squish my face and kiss my cheeks

46. When you bless me with your kisses my left cheek, right cheek, forehead, then lips :) 

47. When you let me pluck your unibrow HAHAHAHAHA

48. When you wait in the bathroom for me because I’m scared to pee by myself.

49. Every time you turn off the lights because I don’t want to LOL

50. The way you put up with my cold wet hair in your face every night

51. Getting me hubby bear. best. fucking. gift. ever.

52. Carrying me when I’m too lazy to walk <3

53. Being protective of me! Because you care. and because youre cute.

54. Late night adventures

55. Day time adventures

56. Simple date night :) <3 

57. Being a mall rat with me LOL

58. Telling me I look pretty or beautiful or cute or sexy every day :3

59. Always knowing my favorite things.. flower, food, ice cream, drink, clothes, etc.

60. How our relationship just happens to work out, all the time.

61. How youre my boyfriend and husband and best friend, all at the same time.

62. How uncensored and comfortable we are with each other. 

63. How similar but not similar we are.

64. Being able to have fun being lazy at home.

65. How romantic you secretly are.

66. How I always end up ruining your plans to surprise me LOL

67. How you think I’m funny when I’m not.

68. How clever you are.

69. Your attitude problem… -_- LOL because it makes you, you. punkass babe.

70. How we both want the same thing :)

71. Your stinky breath. 

72. How you purposely chew louder because you know it pisses me off LOL asshole

73. How you make fun of me bitching about things HAHA

74. Your elmo voice!!!! <3

75. How real you are.

76. The most loyal person I’ve ever met.

77. How you dress. you sexy thang.

78. How sexy you look when you do martial arts :)

79. When you clean because I want to and not because you do hehe <3

80. How you lay on top of me and squish me on the bed.

81. Tarzan + Jane.. enough said ;)

82. How you always place my hand on your leg or arm or back and ask me to tickle you

83. Your whiney voice LOL “but babeeee”

84. Your squeaky noise thing you do when I slap your booty.

85. Always letting me poo upstairs so I don’t have to use the cold ass bathroom downstairs haha

86. Squeezing me super hard when you hug my head/putting me in a headlock.

87. Letting me borrow your sweatshirt. all the time :)

89. When you warm up my ice cold hands and feet on your warm booty. 

90. Your big ass muscular legs! 

91. Your smell. doo doo butter scent heahekaheheh

92. Your disproportionate legs :) LOL <3

93. How you always drove to SF to see me :3

94. How you help me pay for my airplane tickets so I can visit you

95. Supporting me in every thing that I do

96. Helping me fix my relationship with my family

97. Showing me a different perspective in situations

98. Being a pussy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHALOLOLOLOL!! just kidding babe :3

99. Loving me the way I am :)

100. Being Alex Christopher Whitlow! my one and onlyyyyy. mines mines mines <3

101. Giving me more than 100 reasons to be the happiest girl in the worldddddd <3

I’d write more… but I want to watch Dr. Oz with mama LOL Anyways, I love you so much babes! Thank you for always putting me first, thinking of me, and loving me and caring for me and loving me and loving me and loving meeeeeeeee. You never fail to put a smile on my face, even when youre being irritating and going through your man-period :3 

Happy 365Day Anniversary! I can’t wait for our upcoming adventures.. aka HAWAII!!!! <3
And for more anniversaries to celebrate with you :) 

Love you babes <3 I’ll miss you! Until next time… <3 <3 <3 <3

I love my wifey!

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I like poo

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Dec 3
I would kill for one of these&#8230;

I would kill for one of these…

Dec 3

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

From your secret admirer.

I love you <3 see you in 26 hours :)

For the longest time..

I was wondering why my dashboard was so boring.. then I realized I was on babe’s tumblr HAHA :) You are currently at work right now and I’m suppose to be studying at Starbucks/Barnes n Noble but I decided to throw my education out the window by going on Tumblr and Pinterest instead. Anyways, Happy Anniversary! I love you Alex Whitlow.. even though you have a lame ass tumblr hehehe. Thanks for being my baaaaabyboo; I hope you like all your anniversary gifts and I promise to spoil the shit out of you with more gifts and even more TLC every single day <3 Happy anniversary stinky babe. I love you i love you i loooooove you. - katie



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3 Days…

Can I fast forward to wednesday?

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This is a great blog to follow, seriously


This is a great blog to follow, seriously

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Sep 9

This is a great blog to follow, seriously


This is a great blog to follow, seriously